First Impressions on Cross-Ange

After watching 2 episodes of this new autumn series, I wanted to make a couple things clear and maybe present a point of view, that will not be popular.

That is: that cross-ange has a place and a reason to exist.

Its well established that japan's gender roles got stuck between 1890 and 1950, skipping the 20s, as such most of what comes out of its industry is either extremely sexist and offensive. or just plainly offensive. Most anime's heroines in scantly clad bikini armors and despite having amazing powers, will be subdued just in time for the main protagonist to level up and come to the rescue.


The amount of fan service, varies from tolerable to cognitive-dissonance, face palm stupid.

Series aimed at young straight males, shove pantyshots, heaving bosoms and rosed thighs. down your throats, like every male was a trash compactor that can't separate stimuli.

The classical example this season would be Madan no Ou to Vanadis, a high fantasy Story about a feudal lord, "trapped" in a valkyrie harem. while the focus of that story is a war between countries' and the coming of age and rise to power of the MC, every single scene from his capture, to the battle scenes are filled with pinup girls in bikini armor. it generates cognitive dissonance, and fuels with reason complaints about anime being out of touch with modern sensibilities.

While I want to make clear I don't condone sexism, or abuse, this anime Cross-Ange is different, how can something even more sexually offensive be better?


It's because of its self awareness, cross-ange is nothing more than smut, its lesbian porn and it knows it. The all female cast is literally trapped in a prison/bootcamp where the queen-bee has got carte blanche to do as she pleases with any inmate, and this cliched oversexualized insatiable sadist lipstick lesbian, will do so.

Is it fair to use the term sexist as a derogatory term, when referring to smut?

Because the difference here is that it delivers what it promised, lesbians in the shower; check, prison lesbian rape; check, all the tropes in harem anime, genderbent; check. The MC's arc will go from naive doll, to hipersexual butch in less than 13 episodes warrantied.


The humming sound generated by every 16 yo straight male-otaku fapping to this anime, can be heard as far as the international space station. and I must confess, had this anime come along 20 years ago when I was 15, I would have loved it without a hint of irony.

I guess my point is, not all anime is the same, there is a thing as too much fan service in most series, as well as an overabundance of sexists tropes, that will put off the vast majority of viewers. This is different this is non apologetical lesbian porn, and as such I hope it gets crazier raunchier and even more offensive.


It would be a disservice to dismiss this piece of media as merely sexist trash.

when it's clearly presents with great fidelity the vision of an artist, a sick, sexist and out of touch artist, but at least he is doing what he likes, underage lesbian prison with mechas and dragons. You'll never be able to put his boner down.


After coming up with this brilliant acronym the writters' brain exploded...

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