"The World is not so beautiful" WTF sexual violence on anime

So I'm following this anime "Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii" "The world is still beautiful" if you don't know its a slice of life anime, between a princess of a fareaway nations, and the child-god king of the sun nation. Leaving behind the kind of creepy shota elements of the series, it was kind of cute, until last episode.

in which SPOILERS




The king acts out in jealousy and physically assaults, his will be bride, not only that but he threatens her and confines her to her room.


How can anyone keep watching this anime after this, I mean the only explanation is it was all a farce, to foil a murder attempt on the princess, or maybe it was a nightmare. anything else would be unacceptable. I know this is japan we are talking here, where "rape is like saying hello" still I found this too much.

It surprised me too, I mean I'm a Go Nagai fan, so usually sexist bullshit doesn't affect me too much, but this crossed some line.

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